Works CKKN Residence

Property name
CKKN Residence
archi LAB. t+m
Monbestu city, Hokkaido Pref.
year 2004
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i wood screen system-o

Night exterior view

Interior view

Screen interior view

Screen interior view

Screen exterior view

Aluminum screen creates a simple design

Our system was adapted for the two house-hold residence that builds in Okhotsk Monbetsu of Hokkaido. The Galvalume skeleton colored monotone outside wall which looks a bit elegantly plain and a specified aluminum flat bar which window frame is 59mm in width make a good matching to keep a balanced screen appearance. In the corner part, we could fit in a sharp forum which composed of aluminum angle with 45mm of window depth, Inside of the house, various sceneries and more light were felt from open glass spaces by using 10x10 structural pillars and matching the window center to the center of a 10x10 reinforcement wood. By doing that, we could create a simple design. In addition, the Low-e double glass of 4-16A-4 (heat flowing rate U value 1.8W/m2・k) can be expected an accomplishment of simple life energy cycle regarding energy conservation.

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i wood screen system-o