Works Shiribeshi Forestry Management Station

Property name
Shiribeshi Forestry Management Station
Kita-kobo Architecture Planning Office
Ouzeki,Takahashi,Toushin Architecture JV
Kuchan-town, Hokkaido Pref.
year 2003
Articles in usage
i wood screen system-w
 wood window
 wood door

Screen exterior view

Smoke exhaust window

Night exterior view

Interior view

Emphasizing the existence of wood, appeared or sometimes disappeared... Free expression will be possible.

For this facility which stands in the very heavy snow area of Kucchan in Hokkaido, a strong wood structure that endures a heavy snow was our theme.

Various attempts are done in this facility, such as emphasizing the existence of wood luxuriously by fitting the curtain wall between laminated lumbers, or installing the window around the laminated lumber pillars which suppress the existence of the window. This is one of feats due to high production flexibility of wood.

Products in usage

i wood screen system-w
 wood window
 wood door