Works Resort restaurant ”KON-KIRIE”

Property name
Resort restaurant ”KON-KIRIE”
Yuta Tsuneo Planning Office
Ishigaki city, Okinawa
Resort restaurant
year 2000
Articles in usage
i wood screen system-w
 wood window
 wood door

Restaurant exterior view

Wood window interior view

Wood window exterior view

Terrace view

Amur cork---a strong tree to the termite

Resort restaurant “Konkirie” stands along the coast of Ishigaki, Okinawa Pref.. Here, we proposed a wooden screen and a wooden window/ door, etc., by using Amur cork which is very strong to the termite. A wooden window is indispensable for traditional private house construction in Okinawa. However, it is not good for health to use chemically processed wood to the termite in the place where many customers visit.  Therefore, naturally processed Amur cork is used in this facility. There is no human health hazard at all. Okinawa is also a route of Typhoon. So, we added more strict water proof specifications to our products than current building sashes. We are always paying attention of characteristics of each tree in our "i wood screen system".

Products in usage

i wood screen system-w
 wood window
 wood door