Point 1

Selection of Marion

Various shapes and types are prepared in our lineup. Please select according to your architect design.

  • Standard
  • Taper
  • Oval
  • Round



It is a high-grade finishing material for an interior due to a plain wood grain and a natural wood color. The high elasticity of this tree is an important nature which consists of our screen system.

Amur cork

Amur cork

A long time ago, the Feudal government prohibited lumbering and paid a good care of it. After the Meiji era, it was very valuable as an intestinal medicine. Amur cork has a repellent effect against termites. It is recommendable to use in Okinawa or Kyushu where a big termite damage is occurring

Yeddo spruce

Yeddo spruce

It is the typical conifer of Hokkaido. The wood surface is clear white and the beautiful touch on painting. In addition, it is more stable in strength compared with a broadleaf tree. Therefore, it is the most suitable to adapt a big screen system by processing as laminated woods.

Point 2

Assured durability

Prevents from entering rain falls and any other measures are performed in case of emergency.

No rain water entering through bis perforated hole

The exterior is possible for glass manufacturing with gasket or coking.
There is no rain water entering from a bis perforated hole due to the hidden structure of the bis.

Counter measures against rain water in emergency

Point 3

Excellent design application

By using the natural laminated lumbers, it is applicable for a slim and sharp design.
The sample width of Marion is 59mm in basic. It is the most slender as a screen material.



Easily consisting of beautiful curtain walls



The large steep curtain wall for finishing a beautiful touch.



The sophisticated shape of the sunroom, just as what the designer is intending.