Can you draw a detail plan ?
Yes, we make a draft, not only for a reference, but also a process working drawing which shows the best finish and construction method depending on individual case.
What kind of trees do you have in stock ?
As standard, we have native spruces, Todo-pine laminated lumber、Tamo laminated lumber in the lineup.  Furthermore, we provide Kihada laminated lumber which is very effective against wood decay and white ant.
Is it possible to be used in a high open part of 3 to 4 story building ?
Yes. In this case, it will be 10 to 12 meters in the height, so we have to consider several points structurally. But, it will be possible by changing the formulation of systemized structure, e.g., by the functional use of hardware, such as flatbars, wires, etc., or by the use of high-strength joint method besides the kind of wood. The solution of such problems differs from individual construction site.
Please consult to us. We are very pleased to assist you.
Can we designate the kind of hardware ?
It is hardly difficult to change in the use of the system. However, you can designate your own in the part of decorative hardware. Please consult to us more.